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I am an author-illustrator of children's picture books based in Cambridge (UK).

I've been writing and drawing for pleasure since I was a child. My passion for picture books revived while reading them to my daughter and son, who keep inspiring my artwork and writing.

I am an active member of the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators and I write about a variety of topics: fantasy and science fiction worlds, mindfulness, emotional balance and mental health, conceptual and meta-picture books and offbeat humour. A variety of characters feature in my books and illustrations: robots, anthropomorphic animals, elves and fairies and, unsurprisingly, children.

I use Indian ink and watercolours for my illustrations and cultivate a sketchy, seemingly unfinished drawing style that seeks the beauty of imperfection.

I work as an engineer and live in Cambridge (UK).

My other artistic passion is music.  I compose meditative music for piano, recording each piece as I improvise it, capturing the tune and harmony as it fleetingly forms in my mind.

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